Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm now blogging at

I've been blogging (sorta) at for some time now.

Ironically, shortly after moving to Blogger fixed the problem with the mail-to-blogger feature that caused me to lose confidence in their service and look for another blogging solution (apparently I wasn't the only one with the problem).

Oh well.

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Monday, February 5, 2007

Blogger is broken

Well, this was going to be my new blog.

I'm having another rush of wanting to blog (I've never stuck with a personal blog before) and Blogger seemed the obvious choice, since I've used it before for many work projects and it's relatively easy to use.

However, the mail-to-blogger feature inexplicably stopped working a while ago, and I need this feature for some of my projects.

[Update - 05/02/07: Just to clarify... the mail-to-blogger feature stopped working for me and a handful of other people according to the Blogger help forums, not everyone.]

And besides, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the platform. In fact it it makes me feel somewhat anxious about trusting my thoughts to this space.

Of course I've tried to contact Blogger, but since they have about a gazillion users to deal with, and are probably dealing with half-a-gazillion issues and queries related to the shift to the new Blogger, my chances of getting personalised attention are probably about the same as a poor little snowflake's chances of surviving in hell!

Until I've sorted out this blogging thing you can follow my thoughts over at where I am using Google Reader's share feature to aggregate and republish things I am publishing elsewhere.

You can also check out my online portfolio and presentations at:

And you can see my blogging from Second Life with BlogHUD at:

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